Welcome to Listen up! A weekly speech by me, Adrian Goodhand to you, students, parents, teachers and anyone else who is seeing this! In these speeches, I’d like to talk about a variety of topics to help you improve your English listening ability! Usually, I’ll choose a topic but, if you have any requests or want me to talk about something in particular, please let me know and I will be happy to do that. So, thank you for checking this out and please, use these short speeches as a way to help you improve your English listening ability! Take notes and write down new words and expressions. Keep a notebook when you listen and before you know it, you will have many new words, phrases and expressions that will help you become a better listener and a better speaker too!
番外編2 Listening Quiz Questions Seiryo High School(MP4)
番外編1 Listening Quiz Questions Seiryo Junior High(MP4)
第43回 Olympics(MP4)
第42回 Teacher Talk Time(MP4)
第41回 Climate Change(MP4)
第40回 Brain Food(MP4)
第39回 Ilha da Queimada(MP4)
第38回 Elephants Can’t Jump(MP4)
第37回 Aesop’s Fables : Defeated by Pride(MP4)
第36回 The silent letters in English(MP4)
第35回 Palindromes(MP4)
第34回 Ultramarine blue(MP4)
第33回 Vegetarian, Vegan, Venison(MP4)
第32回 G7(MP4)
第31回 Olympics(MP4)
第30回 Tailgating(MP4)
第29回 Note taking(MP4)
第28回 Boston(MP4)
第27回 Inventions(MP4)
第26回 Graduation(MP4)
第25回 Your Little Finger(MP4)
第24回 Cats(MP4)
第23回 Halloween(MP4)
第22回 Thesaurus(MP4)
第21回 Grilled Cheese(MP4)
第20回 Life is about making an impact, not making an income.(MP4)
第19回 A Short History of Ice Cream(WMV)
第18回 Beat the Heat! Part 2(WMV)
第17回 Beat the Heat!(WMV)
第16回 Your Dream Diary(WMV)
第15回 Flower Viewing(WMV)
第14回 The most expensive ice cream sundae in the world(WMV)
第13回 School Uniforms(WMV)
第12回 Life on other planets(WMV)
第11回 Keeping an English Diary(WMV)
第10回 Potato Chips(WMV)
第9回 Happy New Year!(WMV)
第8回 A Short Trip to Naoshima(WMV)
第7回 Ghost Story(WMV)
第6回 猿も木から落ちる(WMV)
第5回 Laughter can be the Best Medicine(WMV)
第4回 Ride Safely(WMV)
第3回 Reading to Improve your English(WMV)
第2回 You Can’t Tell a Book by its Cover(WMV)
第1回 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず(WMV)
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